Chip Chip Cheerio!

Well Welcome to Miranda’s Eye Photography!

I hope this becomes a place to display my photos, talk about photography, maybe gain a few pointers and work toward starting a business.

God that sounds so plain. So sorry I am dreadful at starting these blog things even in real life. Truly it starts out with high inspirations and devolves into simple doodles (hearts and squiggly lines, not a artiste in that sense. thankfully that can’t happen here. haha)  okay trying to veer back on topic. 

I got into Photography 3 years ago with a trip to The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and a crappy but expensive  camera but I got some okay shots, but I kept saying “If I had a better camera I’d get better shots” I kept harping on better camera till that Christmas when my folks bought me a camera and few weeks later a tripod, well I starting firing off at anything I could, not really playing with the features much but as I settled into using the camera I got better with the features and sizes of the photos. Then about a year go I kept getting a prodding idea from somewhere that maybe this could be a career. I’ve even flirted with the idea of opening my own studio, but before I take that plunge I want to soak up all that knowledge I can.

Finally with the intro out of the way I hope you like the photos.



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