I’d Like to Pause for a Moment…

…in my journey and talk about some photographers who style I’d like to follow in. Don’t get me wrong I will blaze my own trail  but for now as I’m learning, I really quite these styles-

Jason Hawkes- While I would never do aerials thanks to a fear of heights I love Jason’s eye especially when it turns to London.



Matt Stuart- Another London photographer who does interesting and often cheeky people study.


Steve Carty- A Toronto photographer that works with Celebs and in the world of fashion.



Denis Olivier- French photographer whose black & white are mesmerizing and dream like.




and as I learn and grow I hope I can become even more then they are today, but I guess for now I’m a nature photographer and I’m happy with that.


5 thoughts on “I’d Like to Pause for a Moment…

  1. i like matt stuart’s works too! they always make me smile.

    btw, your post will look nicer if the images are larger. the first image appeared okay in your homepage, though.

      • No, it wouldn’t affect your storage limit. I’m using the free account too. You should keep the image size large, but still light at the same time (max. 500kb. the less is better). This will ensure that images are visible enough, and that they get loaded up by the Internet fast too.


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