Well that was Scary

I took another step toward this professional photographer dream, I ordered my own business cards. EEK! It shouldn’t be that scary since once I run out I could change the design if I wanted to.  But to take that next step was a big one. I’ll get them in 2 weeks and of course will post a picture.

I of course have thought about doing this for ages, but I guess it came out of my disappointing outing today. I have taken more than enough nature photos for a long time and want to move into taking pictures of people both posed and not. So I went to a park where I knew there was a ton of kids, but I feel creepy, I mean we live in a day and age where parents are super protective of kids and some weird person with a camera sends up the alarms. So I thought maybe if I did get yelled at I could at least show them the card as someone who was legit. I would love some advice on how to move past the nervousness of approaching or just taking photos without feeling creepy.


4 thoughts on “Well that was Scary

  1. Asking for permission before shooting probably is the best approach. The other part is to have a crisp appearance – nice shirt, nice pants. It helps out of lot.

    Best of luck on your photographer dream..


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