The Disappointing Trip…

…that sparked a change.

Here’s some of the photos from that disappointing outing I mention couple days ago. They turned out pretty good, so I guess it wasn’t all that disappointing but it wasn’t what I was hoping for. Silver lining of it is I actually made a step in the right direction instead of whinging on and on. In this day and age you have to do it yourself if its ever going to get done. No one is going to hand you the world. You have to grab the world.

This place made me laugh, I loved the old west façade  which was right in between to a bar and grill and the Bag of Nails Pub, because that’s where you want your guns. 😀

These two were part of the 9/11 memorial that old hilliard has, how they got a hold them I don’t know.

Someone had a birthday party in the park and all down a path were chalk writings and drawings.



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