July Photo a Day Challenge Day 31: Self Portrait


one last order of business.

Day 31: Self Portrait.

Okay You want to know the real reason I became a photographer? Yes creating art and capturing a memory or a place all part of it but the real reason is so I wouldn’t have to be in front of the camera. Other people just seem to catch me at the worse time, or it looks like I’m sulking when I am actually having a really good time. The worst is with anything past a half smile my eyes seem to disappear.  Bit of a cop out I know but I still took the picture, so it still counts.

I never claimed I could draw, so no comments about that.




July Photo a Day Challenge Day 30: Favourite Things

I thought about doing the song but its most likely copyrighted somewhere. Anyway…. I like a lot of things, but these are some of my favourite things.  I love my tv shows, From my introduction to Sci-fi  Stargate following through to Sanctuary , to the fabulously funny Gavin and Stacey. An d I have been known to crack a book or two, and one of my favourites to crack is a Jane Austen novel. The best thing in the world to me is music, I love to dance even if I look a fool sometimes. Lastly I’m a bit girly about my nails I love having nails, because when I was a kid I use to bite them all the time, and tried everything and finally figured out keeping nail polish on my nails made me stop biting. weird I know.



one more day to go!

July Photo a Day Challenge Day 29: Faith

Faith comes in all forms, Faith comes from different places but as the human race we all share it, which is why I love it as a topic. I love having discussions across the board about faiths even if they get a little heated, but there is a downside to it too, sometimes faith makes you close-minded,  not willing to see the person in front of you, they are the enemy which needs to be converted to your way of thinking. Yes we all want to be right but that’s the beauty of faith we don’t know and never will at least in this form anyway.

Wicca has taught me so much, has connected me to the earth, and to others, I have learned to see the world and all its beauty and most importantly to breathe. I know it has so much more in store and I can’t wait.

July Photo a Day Challenge Day 24: Cooking

Sorry this post is a bit late, we had nice big thunderstorm for most of the morning. But we need it so it was fine.


So Cooking. I am the primary cook in the house and so I know this topic well. What I love cooking most is breakfast and at least 3 times a week I have eggs or French toast is something else I love to make.  Maybe one day I’ll post a stack and you can be jealous. lol