July Photo a Day Challenge Day 10: Something Nerdy About You

I have something I need to get off my chest….. My name is Miranda and I am an Anglophile. I’ve been an Anglophile for 11 years now and have no intention of getting off it! lol. Just the word London perk up my ears. I love the mix of the modern and history and tradition. I am obsessed with British telly.  Sadly BBC America doesn’t satisfy a lot of it, I only see things years later but still love it like it was new. My tv is still usually glued to BBCA except for when Ramsay is on ( which is a lot!)  I have an insane knowledge of British history and a lot of its literature. Anything about the royals I click on. My room is filled with evidence of my obesession.  These are just a few of the things in my room.

That is my London calendar, a picture of Tower Bridge, a poster and my union jack.

There is only one thing, one thing in the world to send me off the cliff in my obsession and that’s to move to England, almost anywhere at this point would do, but the dream is London.



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