Birthday Trip part three

         The second to this one was created by an artist called Victor Nomrre.

This one is done by A Stephanie Rond

The last 6 were across the street ( the evil side lol) from the my last post these were on the side on an adult store.


So Birthday trip part 2 YAY!!

So for my actual birthDAY I went to take photo in area of town called the Short North, its a artsy trendy scene near campus, so lot of bands tons of galleries and lot of cool stores. The best by far was for the parking lot we parked in…. no words just none.

On the side of said store was a full mural. A lot of the murals that I got were really trippy like ‘shroom trippy, but nevertheless still cool.

I didn’t stay long since my feet started hurting but it was great. As an afterthought, I got to thinking this morning if you ever travel down North High Street the the way in which the short north was laid out looked like the battle of good and evil. lol One side was health and wellness resturants and the other side was all pubs and sex shops and tats. oh my. lol

Lots more to come!

Birthday trip Part 1

I know I’ve been absent a bit, mainly I din’t want to look at photos after moving them around in my files, let alone edit them, but I’m back with a couple and over the next week I hope to have tons. So today my parents took me to the occult shop in Grove City, which I highly recommend to anyone living in Columbus, OH, Blessed Be Spiritual Shop, awesome! As part of my presents I got an altar cloth, a votive candle holder and some candles. Believe me, if I had the money I would buy that store out. One of the owners’ daughter does paintings, really good ones too and I would love to but one of them. anyway here’s the pictures of my presents.