I returned to the park that had pushed me to get the business cards and finally handed a few out and I  might even get a gig out of it. It was way easier then what had played out in my head. Anyway I got a few shots from the trip and maybe a some more confidence  to talk to even more people.








How did that happen?? I want to thank you all who follow me here on the lovely wordpress, and through twitter and facebook as well, I’m constantly amazed there is anyone interested in what I have to have say through my photography. I continue to be gobsmacked every time I look at my stats and see all those hits I get from nations all over the world.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you thank you thank you!

More Zoo for you to View

I couldn’t help myself. I took a ton of pictures, as you do, so here’s more from the trip to the zoo! 

normally I hate reflections but this one seemed too cool to mess with.

This is the okapi, half zebra something else, the baby was cute it would run in a circle then back to mom, did this about 4 times.


I loved that he just came right up and said hello.

Loved the reflection off the water. Even if he was asleep.