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More From the Asian Festival

The performances were great I got some great shots from a number of them so check them out.


This was from a dance Titled “The Hunter and The Deer” I’ll have a picture of the ‘deer’ in a later post.


The Peacock Dance, the day in the life of a peacock. playing & eating.


The Goddess Dance.

*I don’t normally posterize but it actually looked a lot like a carving from a temple so I kept it. 


Two performers waiting for the end of another performance.


There was exhibitions all over the park.  This class were showing off some of the things they have learned.

I’ll have some more later didn’t want to spam them all.

Pictures are Coming

I swear. I’m editing, I would say as I type this but that would be pretty hard. So they should be done in a few days since I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted because I committed Sin #1 of a photographer. Always have spare batteries.

Anyway there is a new post on

letting you lovely folks know what for sale at

As always thanks for the views!