A Story for All to Enjoy

I know I said I’d have pictures from the Egyptian festival but when I said that I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t be a bust. Sadly it was.


I bring glad tidings my Lords and Ladies from the 16th century to this wonderful realm of WordPress and my followers around the net.

I attended the Ohio Renaissance Festival yester morn. There was great feasts to be had, lots of things to make you guineas disappear. and wonderful show for your eyes to behold. So take this trek along with me. Do not be frighted all are welcomed.

The lovely and most beloved Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the First of England and Ireland was in attendance on this day and we were glad for it.

Many a musician played their instruments both with skill and grace that one could not help but be entranced.

The day was not without its hooligans, the pirates….I mean the actors put on quite a show and the tauntings of the tomato toss did not escape me.

The day concluded for me with a joust. A great but rather one sided battle.

With that I sent for my steed and with my pockets lighter, my arms filled with treasures I left for this century.

So that is my tale and I swear I will go now and edit so that you may see with thine own eyes the fun that was had. And with some hope I may return to the festival in the coming weeks, so that I may bring you more great tales.



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