My Treasures

So here’s my new St. George and the Red Dragon of Wales hanging with The Union Jack and St Andrews I brought last time I went to Ren fest. My set is almost complete, just need Northern Ireland, well if I truly wanted to make the set I should buy the republic of Ireland as well, we’ll see.


Admittedly I goofed when I bought the Scottish Royal flag blanking for a moment thinking it was the red dragon so I ended up with an extra flag. No worries.


so here’s some of the other things I bought-

my Scottish dirk- gorgeous right?


My pentacle wind chime


My flute. I wanted a bodhran but the cheapest one I saw there was $68. OWWW! I do plan to try to learn it though. I also got this spiky ring but the photo sucked of it.


So I think that’s everything from Ren fest this time round ( I might do a second glace to see if there are more good pictures to which I will post), but hopefully we do go back this year and it doesn’t take another nine years.



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