My Shield!

Okay my art for a lack of a better term lies in photography but occasionally I have delusions of painting or some other outlet. This was meant to be simple but as with everything I do it isn’t.  For example, I’m mixing Celtic symbolism with a comic book character and Norse myth all jumbled into one thing.


I just meant for it to be the horns, but then the bottom half looked blank.


So I added a snake.


Painted the horns.


Then painted the cross and snake. I have gone back and forth on the coloring of the snake.


See? I actually really like this color combo.


Here it is right now, I’m currently out of white paint so I have to wait to apply the second coat. Once I can do that and everything is touched up I might add some runes to the sides.

I’ll have more pictures when its done.

I do also apologize for the varied lighting I did take them at various times of the day.


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