While I’m here on my Butt, What do you guys Want to See?

I’m mending well but till I get the all clear from my doctor here I sit, thankfully there isn’t much going on right now in Ohio so I want to know in this new year what would you like to see from me.

Or if there is anything else you can think of let me know in the comments!


I Hope You All had a Joyous Christmas and Blessed New Year

Sadly 2014 hasn’t got off on the right foot for me, I landed myself in the hospital over the weekend with appendicitis and to have my gallbladder removed. Thankfully nothing went wrong and now I’m at home recovering, but that does mean no photos for awhile. I’m already going stir crazy but the last thing I need to do is land back in the hospital so till I get the okay this blog is going on a hiatus. I do want to remind you all, my photography is still for sale at:


or any donation made to the bar here:


would be greatly appreciated and loved.

New Ways to Help

As much as I plug buying my photos there is a new way you can help me along to becoming a working photographer, on deviant art this is a button you can simply click called oddly enough “donate”. deviant art with take you through the motions, the site is really safe, and if I get the points I need, in the event someone actually buys one of my photos I get more of the money which is good for any artist.



Got Question for my Followers

Ever looking to better myself and this blog, I’m hoping you guys will take a moment to fill out this poll and let me know what you guys like best about this blog so I can bring more of it to you.

Pictures are Coming

I swear. I’m editing, I would say as I type this but that would be pretty hard. So they should be done in a few days since I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted because I committed Sin #1 of a photographer. Always have spare batteries.

Anyway there is a new post on http://mirandaseyephotography.wordpress.com/

letting you lovely folks know what for sale at


As always thanks for the views!

I Promised This So Long Ago

And finally am delivering on it. I started my photography business blog almost a year ago and did nothing with it for various reasons but now I think I want to move in a different direction. Rather than being a full time (that is if I got gigs) studio type photographer I could just sell the photos I’ve taken and if on occasion some did book me I’d do that too, so here it is.



Pictures will be up soon with info on what size they come in and lots of other cool stuff. So check it out tell me what you think. I Love comments, ideas, thoughts anything you got.  Let your friends know too.

Come On Spring You Can Do It!

I’m trying to will it on with the new look for my blog, sure nature won’t see but maybe it will help me get out of this winter rut, but I’ve also decide once and for all, to work out to lose weight, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 2 weeks, got zumba and have lost nearly 8 lbs. I will be back as soon as there are some pretty flowers, or some cool looking sunset or anything that will finally make me pick up the camera and shoot.


and I would dearly love if you guys could stop by the deviant art page (link in previous posts) and maybe comment or buy if the mood takes you. I would be nice if I could get some eyes on my photography.