A Story for All to Enjoy

I know I said I’d have pictures from the Egyptian festival but when I said that I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t be a bust. Sadly it was.


I bring glad tidings my Lords and Ladies from the 16th century to this wonderful realm of WordPress and my followers around the net.

I attended the Ohio Renaissance Festival yester morn. There was great feasts to be had, lots of things to make you guineas disappear. and wonderful show for your eyes to behold. So take this trek along with me. Do not be frighted all are welcomed.

The lovely and most beloved Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the First of England and Ireland was in attendance on this day and we were glad for it.

Many a musician played their instruments both with skill and grace that one could not help but be entranced.

The day was not without its hooligans, the pirates….I mean the actors put on quite a show and the tauntings of the tomato toss did not escape me.

The day concluded for me with a joust. A great but rather one sided battle.

With that I sent for my steed and with my pockets lighter, my arms filled with treasures I left for this century.

So that is my tale and I swear I will go now and edit so that you may see with thine own eyes the fun that was had. And with some hope I may return to the festival in the coming weeks, so that I may bring you more great tales.


More from the Dublin Irish Festival

I finally got my butt into gear and edited some more photos and I should have some more by next week from an Egyptian festival.



I felt bad for the lack of darren photos, so here’s two more.


The Wishing tree, you tie your wish to the tree and have the winds carry it to the gods. I would love to try it some time.



The artistry and craftsmanship on display was truly stunning (and expensive!!!!)


And the Crowds.

Meet The High Kings

Pardon my absence yesterday I was geeking out over the Thor 2 trailer and completely lost my mind.  Anyway here are the photos from the Dublin Irish Festival well at least of the band I was there to see.  All the guys come from long long line of Irish music, just so awesome and the place was on fire.  Oh and I got a CD signed by them I’ll take a picture of it and post it in a part 2 post. (I swear that one won’t be this insanely large.)


From Left to right: Darren Holden, Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy and Martin Fury.









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Knock it Off Ohio

Soooooo once again I’m stuck thanks to the lovely weather patterns of Ohio, for most last week we had 90+ degrees with humidity which is always fun (I really hope you guys are picking up the sarcasm here, its hard to sound sarcastic when typing) then this week they are projecting nothing but rain. There are a few events coming up that I’m dying to go to, and post pictures from, but till then I just wanted to keep you in the loop, so you didn’t wander off and unfollow my blog.

New Ways to Help

As much as I plug buying my photos there is a new way you can help me along to becoming a working photographer, on deviant art this is a button you can simply click called oddly enough “donate”. deviant art with take you through the motions, the site is really safe, and if I get the points I need, in the event someone actually buys one of my photos I get more of the money which is good for any artist.



Evening Walk

Even though it was ( still is today) hotter than blue blazes I went for and evening walk last night to find some images worth getting. I think I found a few.



Meet my little shadow. oh so sorry for that pun. never again.  This bird no word of a lie will follow me every time I walk past this area in my apartment complex. He’ll fly from tree to tree and just chat away. And he loves when I have my camera, little ham.

Painting with Photos

Always trying to do something different with what I got, I tried to make a few of my photos look like paintings, I think they came out pretty well.



So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. 

You know, if you really like these or most of anything else you have seen here you can buy it at


even if you can’t spend a lot, there are all sizes available for every budget.

Quiet Contemplation

For some weird reason my voice has all but disappeared so that’s all I have right now.  And I haven’t been able to get out much thanks to the deluge the midwest sent east. One bonus from that is our lake is full and even running off and turns a spot into a little waterfall.