Red, White and Boom

In Columbus there is a well known 4th of July celebration that seems like the whole town comes out for ( not easy for a metro city). Anyway this was the first time ever I went to it, I’ve lived here 17 years and now I know why, oooooooowwww I still hurt from the walking and weirdly holding my camera for the fireworks. I wish I had taken my tripod, but I was going to be there for some time and didn’t want to lug it around, 20/20 I guess.  well When I got down there the parade was just starting so took a few shot of that, and around 7 we decided to find a spot and got a good spot near the river behind a family.  To me it seem to get muggier as the sun went down or maybe it was just because we were sitting down. So finally the countdown came to the fireworks, for half and hour people cheered, wooo’ed, and yelled. The finale was the biggest it had been, or at least that was the hype. the only downer of the night was trying to get out of the city. IF I ever do it again, I’m getting a hotel in the city and checking out the next day. anyway long long story done here’s the pictures.