More Winter Walk




I swear Hearts in nature follow me around. I wonder what it means.


Painting with Photos

Always trying to do something different with what I got, I tried to make a few of my photos look like paintings, I think they came out pretty well.



So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. 

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Check That One Off The List

There are certain things as a photographer that you would like to do, see different places, do different shots, and different techniques.  I learned finally how to do bokeh (still working on shapes at the moment) but I got bored yesterday and tried my hand at smoke photography. I have a ton of incense so I burnt one to see if I could capture anything cool.


I got the idea from a video, in the video they also suggest inverting the image, so gave that a go.


I plan to try some other burning things to see if I can get something thicker or different patterns.