More Winter Walk




I swear Hearts in nature follow me around. I wonder what it means.


Its Beginning to Look Like Cold

See what I did there? I know I’ve been away for a bit, frankly nothing has urged the muse on for awhile but with the holidays and snow I’m hoping there will be more to take pictures of. Speaking of, though I do have a few of our first big snowfall here. Enjoy!





Where is That Darn Muse?

Don’t you hate when nothing seems to inspire you to pick up the camera? Well that has been the case for me, we’ve been having really crappy weather including the snow dump we got last night, so maybe I might get out and trudge through the 6-8 inches to try and get some pictures. And along with the crappy weather there hasn’t been anywhere to go. I do plan in the coming months as the weather starts to cooperate and get warmer to check out some of the festivals here in Ohio, so I hope to have really great photos to share with you all.

In other news, I just wanted to remind you guys of my deviant ART page-

It would really help me out if a few of you bought some pieces, I would like and frankly need to get premium membership, as it gives more money to the artist than to the site. If there is photo here that you really liked and don’t see it there, please let me know in the comments and it will be up in no time.

Thanks again to you all for the likes, comments and follows.